Welcome to the summer's nicest shopping

Elins Esplanad is a pleasant and sustainable meeting place with 40 shops, generous opening hours and free parking. Here you will find inspiring shops, services, lovely cafes/restaurants and a grocery shop under the same roof. You’re welcome inside for small shopping, wholesale or if you just want to stroll around.

Many well-known brands and business chains in several categories:

  • Electronics
  • Gifts and jewelry
  • Home and interior
  • design
  • Play & hobbies
  • Fashion
  • Beauty & health
  • Shoes, bags & accessories
  • Sports & leisure
  • Café & restaurants
  • Grocery store

Weekdays 10 AM-8 PM

Saturdays 10 AM-6 PM

Sundays 11 AM-6 PM

Weekdays 10 AM-8 PM

Saturdays 10 AM-6 PM

Sundays 11 AM-6 PM

Other good things to know

  • We got free of charge toilets. Also a couple of baby changing tables.
  • There are plenty of fun playgrounds for the little ones.
  • Easy accessibility for the disabled: parking spots and bigger toilets.
  • There’s free wi-fi and sockets for charging your electronic device in our site-built furniture.
  • All our stores accept payment by card – so no need to exchange to Swedish cash.

Find your way here

To get here by car
Elin’s Esplanade is located in the Norrmalm area, not far from the center of Skövde. If you want to use GPS, enter Köpmannagatan 3. It’s easy to get here by bike, car, bus, or on foot.

The parking lot
We have a total of 1000 free parking spaces. 200 of these are in our easily accessible parking garage under the shopping center, with a maximum height of 2.15 meters. Our security company Avarn patrols our parking areas daily, they can be reached at phone number +46 (0)510-202 50.

Charging stations
If you have an electric car or hybrid, you can charge your battery at one of our charging stations. We have 4 outlets with a maximum speed of 22 kW. Our chargers are provided in collaboration with Billinge Energi.

Disabled parking spaces
We have a total of 14 disabled parking spaces. 6 spaces are available in our parking garage, 3 spaces are located outside the entrance near the pharmacy, and 5 spaces are located outside the western entrance near Cervera.

Family parking
We have 15 family parking spaces that are extra wide. 6 spaces are located near the entrance by the pharmacy, and 9 spaces are located near the western entrance by Cervera.

By bus
Buses run several times per hour and it takes about 9 minutes to travel from Skövde Central Station to Elins Esplanad. The bus stop is called Elins Esplanad and is located just outside our entrance. You take bus 6 with Västtrafik. On vasttrafik.se you can find the next bus departure to Elins Esplanad.

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